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John Neitzel is a Commercial Photographer NYC. He shoots in the studio and on-location for corporate clients, designers, architects and advertising agencies.

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Photographer John Neitzel is Commercial Photographer NYC

New York City Commercial Photographer John Neitzel shoots Spaces and Places in NYC, around the USA, and travels the globe for all types of clients. John Neitzel specializes in capturing the essences of design. Using light, he finds the best angles to photograph the interior spaces that designers create. Some of John’s clients include hotels and resorts, restaurants and attractions. Any location that needs great marketing photos needs John Neitzel’s expertise. Using high dynamic range photo techniques, John can capture all the lighting and ambiance a designer puts into a space. Interior Photographer John Neitzel focuses upon angles, lines, textures and layout of space. Give him a call. He always delivers. With 20+ year’s experience, John always delivers great photos.

Please visit my other websites for video samples and extraordinary interiors:
DIGITAL DESTINATIONS– This is my video production services website
JOHNNEITZEL.COMThis is my specialty-Interiors

NYCCOMMERCIALPHOTOGRAPHER.COMThis is my general photography site. You’ll see a collection of studio and location work.
DIGITALDESTINATIONS.PHOTOGRAPHYThis is my Expedition site. Advertising travel workshops around the world.

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